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Business Intelligence Tools

Key to developing high-performance Business Intelligence solutions is the selection of the right tools and technologies. The Keshri Software Solutions  helps clients develop and support robust, cost-effective business intelligence solutions by using a combination of proprietary, open source and stand-alone technologies. For more information about our Business Intelligence services.

Our Capabilities in Developing Business Intelligence Tools

Our engineering and support teams have experience with a broad range of BI tools that range in purpose from data acquisition to data processing. Some of the technologies with which we have worked include:

  • Data Warehouse & Data Mart
  • Operational Data Store
  • Data Modeling
  • ETL & Data Integration
  • OLAP & Reporting
  • Dashboards & MIS
  • Application & Tool Development

  • Classification & Regression Tree (CART)
  • Chi Square Automatic Interaction Detaction (CHAID)
  • Predictivet, Cluster & Structured Data Analysis
  • Decision Tree